Trying to stay SANE? Me too! ⁣

I see you. I know life is hard, now more than ever. But life is meant to be fun too- even in tough times we can squeeze in good little moments each day. At first in quarantine I did ok. But then I threw all my good habits out the window & before long ALL of the contents of our living room cabinets were strewn on the floor around the room as I had a meltdown and declared myself a mess (with my husband and kids watching me).  Luckily they picked me up. My husband even cleaned up for me and helped me get sorted.

But then I realized I had forgotten to do all of my #SANITYHACKS that I teach my clients. So it was time to get back to my daily well-being habits. So I put my decades of research & practice into a Daily Sanity Checklist and I'd love to share it with you! It has made a WORLD of difference for me, my fam & my clients!!! Signup for your copy and to learn more about my 1:1 Coaching Calls. I've got your back. ❤️


PS- Info is being thrown at us left & right. Remember, wherever you are on your journey, it’s OK.  But please don’t think you need to do this alone. Let me be your secret weapon to unlock your inner calm and strength and help you create some SANITY during this crazy pandemic. Like I mentioned, I’ve combed through decades worth of my research and want to share real action items with you to help you take some control back now.